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Not On My Campus or ANYWHERE ELSE!

The network brings together representatives and students from both NUS affiliated SU's and those that aren't currently affiliated to provide a platform for us to work together to support students including on joint projects/campaigns, sharing best practice and working to tackle sexual violence, misconduct, domestic abuse and to support student survivors; recognising, representing and tackling the intersections in barriers impacting students from minority and marginalised groups and communities, and students of all different genders.

We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact our world!


It's fantastic to see more and more groups, societies and campaigns being set up by students around the UK to tackle sexual misconduct, lobby for intersectional reporting systems, supporting survivors and working to provide a platform for students to push for change within their institution and on campuses; For students both within and outside of the gender binary and those from minority and marginalised groups and communities.



  • Not On My Campus was set up by officers, campaigns and societies to provide more opportunities for to collaborate, but also to help support students who were interested in setting up their own campaign/society and to help share our experiences from building relationships within the University and Students Union', to setting up and running peer support groups as well as running awareness campaigns/fundraisers to engage with the wider student population.

  • The network brings together students from across the UK who are fed up and driven: to make university campuses safer, to fight for survivors of sexual and domestic violence and to improve existing systems of support and reporting. Working to hold campuses and relevant bodies to account on these issues so that no survivor feels that they are a single voice, that no campus group may feel drowned out, that collectively our voice will not be ignored. The Times Up Movement and Me Too Movement began two years ago and within the UK prosecution of sexual violence and misconduct is down to 1.4%, progress is going backwards, and the fight, our fight, is not over.

  • We are a volunteer-led, self-funded project to fight back on issues on campus sexual violence and misconduct and to raise awareness and support student survivors of domestic abuse and violence. 

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