We're in the process of drafting our constitution - below is an overview of the proposed working structure which has been developed over months of discussions and feedback. We wanted to build a structure which provided as many different opportunities for students to be involved whether it be on one of our committees, as part of the advisory group or leading on a project or campaign that you're passionate about. For our upcoming AGM, we will be proposing the constitution to give members the chance to vote and if accepted we will then organise online elections.


Not On My Campus has two primary committees including our National Committee and Equality and Liberation Committee.

Our National Committee is made up of  24 Coordinators focused on helping to co-lead and develop our network in joint partnership with student leaders, societies, campaigns and students. Our committee is made up of current students, graduates and former students. We have representatives for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We're also in the process of developing an autonomous Postgraduate Research Network, which is being co-lead by members of the team. Our national committee also has liberation leads including our Vice-Chair (Equality & Liberation) and representation for students in further education and International students. Our National Committee will also focus on welfare, mental health, development including training opportunities and support, advocacy, policy and research.

Alongside our National Committee, we have also a Equality and Liberation Committee to expand on the representation for students from minority and underrepresented communities. Our Equality and Liberation Committee works collectively with our National Committee on all decision making within NOMC. 


Members shall have the right to form and facilitate projects and campaigns within Not On My Campus, providing they are in lines with its aims of our Association. They will liaise with the National Committee, to focus on how best to support the projects or campaign and students involved will choose a lead/co-lead to help facilitate it along with a team (if necessary). Leads/Co-Leads shall be invited to join the National Advisory Group to help coordinate on developing their campaign or project. 
This structure provides a grassroots platform for students to come together to run and organise campaigns and projects on issues they are passionate about and organise them through the Not on My Campus. Officers and students facilitating independent campaigns and projects which link into the aims of the Association will also be able to promote them through Not On My Campus but are encouraged to contact the National Committee to discuss the aims and focus of their campaign/project and potentially how this could be best supported.


We want to create a National Advisory Group with whose focus shall be to  National Committee and Equality and Liberation Committee on strategic decisions, projects, campaigns, direction and development of Not On My Campus UK.

The group aims to connect and draw on expertise within the sector including those who have or are academics, activists, students officers and representatives from charities, but also a voice for students led campaigns and societies that have joined Not On My Campus and reserved places for interested students from each region and nation to be able to join. The advisory group will also have places for leads/co-leads for collectives, campaigns and projects being facilitated through Not On My Campus and the power to call an emergency meeting with the National Committee if 10% of the group's membership supports the decision.


Coordinators and Representatives who sit on either the National or Equality and Liberation Committees will have the right to form and organise collectives within Not On My Campus, providing they are in line with its aims of our Association. 
Collectives differ from campaigns and projects in functioning as networks to connect members within the coordinator or representative role, in contrast, campaigns and projects will focus within a more specific area but can be facilitated within a collective.  

Coordinators or Representatives will have the discretion to decide whether to lead or propose members involved in the Collective decide on a lead/co-leads to help facilitate the collective. Like project and campaign leads/co-leads, collective leads/co-leads shall be invited to join the National Advisory Group to help coordinate on developing their campaign or project.