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1 Year Anniversary & Plans For The Summer

Content Overview:

  • Reflections of our 1st year

  • Overview of support we're putting into place to help support incoming student leaders

  • Online Convention (22nd-25th July)

  • Additional Updates

Reflecting over the last year

It’s been almost a year since Not On My Campus UK was officially formed and we wanted to say a personal thank you again to everyone who has been involved with NOMC and or has supported the network over the last year. It's wonderful to see how much the network has grown from a year ago when we first came together as a group of liberation officers and society leaders to discuss how we could create a network and platform both to work together and but to help connect and support student officers, societies, campaigns and students from all 4 nations; Working to address the culture on their campus, holding their institutions to account and working collectively to lobby national institutions on issues around sexual violence, misconduct, domestic abuse and supporting survivors, and to amplify the voices of students and survivors from underrepresented and minority groups. A year on, it is incredible to have so many student officers, societies, campaigns and activists from over 40 different universities and connecting from each region and all four nations.

We're also incredibly grateful for the support we have received from student officers, societies and campaigns and we wanted to say a big thank you to Rachel Watters, NUS Women's Officer, and to charities and organisations who have been absolutely incredible. It is really exciting to see more student-led organisations being set up especially from students who have experienced horrific situations including within their own institutions and have managed to push for change and have connected with others to build an organisation to push the fight nationally and to help support students on other campuses.

If you are graduating this year, massive congratulations especially in completing your degrees in very difficult circumstances and for the incredible work that has been done by continuing and outgoing student officers (but sabbatical, part-time and liberation officers), societies, associations, campaigns and networks with the work that you have done in trying to support students, especially during these incredibly difficult times.

Planning for the next Academic Year

Supporting You:

We know this next academic year will be incredibly different especially both in how we connect to each other, and the additional challenges it will bring especially both moving into an online learning environment, our ability to mobilise and work to hold our institutions to account. To help support student leaders, we're organising a range of support including an online convention (22nd-25th July) in joint collaboration with an exciting number of charities, organisations and speakers, a Network and Support Weekend in August, and have set up a new support group for both incoming student leaders, as well as students who are interested in setting up a society or peer support group or organising a campaign.


If you are an outgoing officer, graduating student or leaving your course, we would love to have you involved with NOMC, even if you would like to stay linked via the community group for updates and discussions. Former and alumni students are able to be involved on our committee, as well as campaigns and projects. If possible, we ask if you would please consider passing this on to your incoming successor and or seeing if they would be interested in joining the NOMC Community group.


• Twitter:@NotOnMyCampusUK

Instagram: @notonmycampusuk

Online Convention (Wednesday 22nd- Sunday 25th July)

Bite-Size Overview:

The convention aims to help provide an additional layer of support and guidance to incoming student leaders, from organisations, academics, speakers and activists who have built up the extensive experience to help support them in the coming academic year.


We're excited to be organising our first online convention (Wednesday 22nd- Saturday 25th July), in joint partnership with a fantastic number of organisations, charities, activists and speakers. The primary aim is to help provide an additional support layer to incoming student leaders, including the opportunity to build contact links with organisations, groups, activists and speakers which could help support your aims especially in being able to liaise directly with organisations and groups who have built up extensive knowledge within their areas of focus. Now more than ever it is really important to have these partnerships especially both to support the incredible work these organisations and groups are doing from lobbying including for those supporting survivors of SV and DV from minority and underrepresented communities.

Confirmation of Sessions:

The convention is free and aims to help support both interested officers, as well as society and association leaders and committee members (including those within a liberation or welfare role). We'll be finalising the calendar by 1st July, and sending out online booking session to give everyone a chance to book into the sessions you're interested in taking part in.

Feedback & Supporting Organisations:

As this is our first convention, we ask if everyone could please be respectful especially as we are volunteers attempting to juggle our degrees, alongside degree and life stress, like everyone else and with limited resources. We're incredibly appreciative to all of organisations and speakers involved and will be putting a list of how people taking part can support the work they are doing including small donations. We'd appreciate as much feedback as possible including constructive criticism as if this convention is successful we're looking to do a 2nd for potentially October.

Saturday 25th July - NOMC Led Day:

On Saturday 25th July, we’re running an NOMC led day, with network sessions including on discussion topics voted on via the community group. We will also be planning out a collective action plan for the coming year giving student leaders the chance to discuss and vote on the national campaign or project everyone would be interested in working on collectively. There will also be opportunities to discuss campaigns and project student leaders are interested in working together on through the network or using the network as a hub to help connect with other interested student leaders and students.

For more information please contact our main page or email.

Additional Updates:

National Student Leaders Chat:

We have a national network chat connecting student officers, society, association, network and campaign leaders from all different regions and all 4 nations. If you're a current or incoming student leader and would be interested in joining please let us know.

Building Campaigns & Societies Support Chat:

We've set up a new chat which aims to help support both incoming student leaders, as well as students who are interested in running a campaign, lobbying for institutional change, and or setting up a society or peer support group. For the chat we've discussed a number of topics for support call sessions:

  • Freshers, Student Engagement and connecting to the wider student community

  • Intersectionality, Gender Inclusion and Minority Representation

  • Liaising with the Media

  • Building links within the University

  • Self-care and wellbeing

  • Setting up Peer Support Group/Society

  • Plans for next year - ideas for collaborations (e.g. 16 days of activism)

If you're interested in joining please let us know.

National Community Group

Alongside both chats, we also have our national community group connecting student leaders, students with organisations and groups including 1752 and the Consent Collective. The chat is open to all students, including those graduating and former students who have left their course over the last academic year. It aims to provide more opportunities to discuss, share best practise and resources. We are putting together an online library to submit resources and to look through including if you are interested in running a campaign or project over the next academic year.

Informal Ice-Breaker and Network Call:

To help provide more opportunities for students to get to know each other we're planning an informal call to help provide a chance to connect with each other.

Network & Support Weekend (Saturday 1st- Sunday 2nd August):

For our new support chat, we're also in the process of organising a Network and Support Weekend for the 1st weekend in August. Both days will run from 10am-3pm. Saturday will focus on supporting groups and students interested in setting up groups on student engagement, campaigns, building relationship with the university, organisations and the SU. Sunday will look at setting up your own peer support groups, welfare and supporting team members wellbeing. For both days you will be able to book into which sessions you'd be interested in and were looking at making it as interactive as possible to provide opportunities to discuss and share best practise.

Community Care:

To help provide support to everyone, we’re looking to organise a weekly or biweekly community call for student leaders to come together, destress and check in with each other including in being a space for everyone to help provide support through sharing their own experiences to provide community support. These sessions could be expanded to focus on areas like self-care, mindfulness and tips on taking care of yourself. For our first Community Care & Support session, we were also looking to run this during August to help provide everyone chance to check-in especially with how freshers planning in going and general wellbeing.

National, Equality and Liberation Committees:

Thank you so much to everyone who has applied for a role on either or both of our National, Equality and Liberation Committees. We have a few more roles still available for both student leaders as well as interested students to be involved with both to help shape the work we do and to provide a platform for you to focus on issues and areas that you are interested in.

Network Call Topics:

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to take part in the previous poll we will be organising network calls around the topics voted on. Please let us know if you have any other topic themes you’d be interested in discussing via Facebook or email.

Dates will be posted after the Online Convention.

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